Suede IWB Holster


Suede IWB Holster


Our slimline IWB holster provides for quick and easy concealment of a firearm inside the waistband.


Sizing Guidelines - Example fits include but are not limited to:

1911 - Made for full barrel coverage on a 5" barrel length 1911

1911 Short - Made for full barrel coverage on a 3" barrel length 1911

Small Auto - Walther PPK, Sig P938

Small Auto Short - Ruger LCP, Kel-tec P3AT

J Frame Revolver - S&W 642, Ruger SP101, Charter Arms Lady, Ruger LCR

Large Auto - Walther PK380, Springfield XDS 4"

Large Auto Short - Glock 43, Springfield XDS, Beretta NANO, S&W Shield

XL Auto - Glock 17, Glock 19, Springfield XD, S&W MP

XL Auto Short - Glock 26, Springfield XD Compact, S&W MP Compact



Gun Fit:
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